About Jim

Jim has the experience, tools, and knowledge to shift your levels of perception, consciousness, and energy. He helps those in recovery to transition from 12-step and other programs to achieve their career and life goals.

After a very successful 20-year career on Wall Street, Jim faced the biggest challenge of his life: addiction to alcohol and the disastrous effects it had on his life and family. He experienced change through a 12-step program that halted the downward spiral and gave him sobriety, but he wanted more. To find the “more” in find life, he began a journey of self-discovery and enrolled in one of the world’s top executive and life coaching schools. Jim realized through his training that not only could he get much more out of life, but he could help others in recovery do the same.

Recovery programs help those in recovery to stay sober from day-to-day. However, Jim believes that a good life coach for those in recovery can help someone live fully, beyond sober, and achieve life goals. Utilizing his experience with addiction, coupled with his executive coaching skills, he empowers clients to create a life action plan for a fulfilling life in tandem with sobriety. Jim assists clients in finding their true inner self, by recognizing their fears, perceptions, and inner assets to raise their level of consciousness, leading to the achievement of life’s full potential. Clients engage in the coaching process to discover the answer to “What’s still missing?”

The lifelong discovery journey learning about Autism that Jim and his family have undertaken make him a powerful resource for young adults with Asperger’s and their families. Working as individuals and as a family they listened, questioned, and adapted as structure and strategy were created for an optimal, sustainable environment.

Coaching is a process that brings the client to a positive perspective, empowering each to discover their inner values, connecting those values to outer goals, while developing successful strategies to obtain superior, lasting results. Coaching uncovers the “WHO” and “WHY” in life’s journey.

Although his gratitude leads him to assist adults living with Asperger’s and those on their recovery path and beyond, Jim also works with clients seeking to live a preeminent existence aligned with inner values and outer goals, unleashing the high potential within!