Turn The Page/The Calendar Of When

Here we are in a new year. We have “turned the page”, and may be looking for new paradigms to appear in our lives. Sometimes we expect these changes to happen simply because we thought about them, recognized our intention to create change.
There was a time in my life when turning the page was quite painful. I hated entering the new date on every page of my trading pad as another year had passed without some change occurring within me. As I wrote the date down, I was seeking a time when the external world would be kind enough to meet my expectations and provide for my wants and needs. I wanted to find that specific moment on the calendar of “WHEN.” Despite my many visits STAPLES many times over the years and have not seen a calendar with the heading of “WHEN.”
You may have shared these feelings, or are experiencing them now.
What happened for me was a shift in awareness, the ongoing experience of the growth of my consciousness. My change gave me the space to live with fearlessness, creativity, with hope, promise, and fulfillment now and for our futures.
It starts with recognizing that the first change is within you, and creating a new relationship with FEAR, working to master it, not eliminate it.
Next, it’s being intentional about what you put into our cup by honoring your values, vision, goals, strategies, and actions. No longer do you need to be stuck on intent and expecting positive results without the additional efforts.
Then it’s not being led by limiting beliefs and our interpretations of the external world’s. It’s about taking action by starting internally to discover our present self. Then to imagine “WHO” you ideally were meant to be, setting that GPS to create the pathway leading you to live at our highest level.
These steps make it possible to wake up each day with the understanding that you get to decide. You can turn the page with Hope, Promise, and the benefit of life’s lessons as you continue to create sustainable growth and fulfillment.
AS I BEGAN TO LOVE MYSELF  by Kim McMillen is a poem that Charlie Chaplin based his 70th birthday speech on. The poem references Authenticity, Respect, Maturity, Self-Confidence, Modesty, Fulfillment, simplicity, Love of Oneself, and Wisdom of the Heart. I have seen a few versions, different words, a similar message. Check it out when you can.



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