What is Coaching

What is Coaching

COACHING: The International Coach Federation (ICF) coachfederation.org  defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. 

Core Energy Coaching™(iPEC):

Core Energy Coaching connects inner purpose and passion to outer goals with strategies that deliver sustainable superior outcomes. It is focused on getting to the base (or core) of a client’s challenges by identifying inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that are preventing success.  Shifting the client’s perception and consciousness will allow for a reduction in their stress reaction. Working from the inner influences to outer influences leads to more fulfillment in all areas of life. 

My Coaching Approach

I believe that there is nothing to be fixed. I view the discomfort we experience as an opportunity to examine what is causing the misalignment between our thoughts, actions, and our results. With this opportunity, we create strategies for new patterns in life in order to be at our optimal potential.

We may choose to work in areas such as personal development, time management, communication skills, fun and enjoyment, finance, career, family relationships, or health to name a few. 

Modality Comparisons

Consulting: Consultants have an agenda and some possible answers that they bring to their clients. They are usually are experts in their field of work. Coaches hold the client’s agenda and are experts in the process. The coach accepts that the client is the expert and has within him/her the solution to any situation. The consultant usually delivers a plan to the client. A coach works with a client to create the plan and is present for implementation.

Mentoring: Mentors are role models who have” been there and done that” and they will show you the ropes. The coach empowers the client to find the answer and methods.

Therapy: Therapy from the long-distance view is usually concerned with “WHY” while coaching focuses on “HOW”. Therapists work with clients to move from dysfunctional to functional; coaching takes them from functional to optimal. Coaching doesn’t focus on the past except to reframe it or learn from it.

Friendship: Friends listen and will provide support but usually express an agenda along with giving advice. Coaches are objective and nonjudgmental.