The Red Cup Coach Story

What do you think of when you see a red cup? 

Several years ago, I was part of a think tank and as part of our norming and forming we were asked to introduce ourselves with an inanimate object. 

This what I said.

“What do you think of when you see a Red Cup?

This cup personifies WHO I am because we were both created empty vessels, ready to be filled with opportunities and choices.

As my life went on, I slowly lost the freedom of choice to alcoholism. The shift from having the freedom to choose to fill my cup for social interaction, to filling it for one reason, to always get drunk. This led to making social events into opportunities to drink, a 360-degree swing. This transformation weakened my potential by blocking many opportunities for my inner and outer growth.

Basically the cup and I haven’t changed as vessels, however, my personal and professional recovery journeys have lead me to a daily awareness of what goes into my cup. Owning my freedom of choice.

I now choose to create opportunities that will provide challenges and sustainable growth for me, thus allowing me to empower inner change in others as they seek to improve their lives.

When you see a Red Cup in the future I invite you to think about what you may choose to fill your vessel. Wherever you see Red Cups, think about all those possibilities, opportunities, and choices.”

So maybe the question isn’t what do you think of when you see a red cup, but rather, what are you putting in your cup? 

If your cup is filled with too much anxiety or doubt, then I want to share there’s a better way. With greater awareness, intentionality, and action, you can fill it with more joy, fulfillment, and confidence, and that taste so much better. 

We only have one life, it’s time to fill it with something that you design and won’t regret.